Air Quality Services

Air Quality Flyer

Air Quality Flyer

Emissions into the ambient air from equipment or operations that include criteria air pollutants (NOx, SOx, CO, Pb, Ozone, PM), volatile organic compounds (VOC), hazardous air pollutants (HAP), or greenhouse gases (e.g., CO2, CH4, N2O, fluorinated gases) require permitting and compliance with regulations.

Air Permit Applicability

We calculate air emissions from sources and equipment to assess if you need an air permit to operate.  We review equipment specifications for exemptions and define insignificant sources not requiring and air permit.

Air Quality Assessment

We determine both a proposed project’s effects on ambient air quality as well as the effects of ambient air quality on the project during operation and/or construction.

Air Permit Applications

We secure permits for Title V major sources, state operating permits, preconstruction, plan approval and permit renewals from regulatory agencies.

Regulatory Review

We help you navigate the alphabet soup of the air quality regulations (NSR, PSD, RACT, BACT, LEAR, SOTA, etc) and can help you design your equipment and controls to meet the regulations.

Climate Emissions

Greenhouse Gases (GHG), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Carbon Dioxide equivalents (CO2e) – we calculate emissions, baseline measurements, obtain carbon offsets, help you achieve carbon neutral or carbon negative, and prepare GHG reduction plans.

Compliance Reporting

We prepare regulatory compliance reports such as emission statements, GHG emission reports, and permit compliance reporting.

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